Luca Bianchi

LUCA BIANCHI architect - Luca Bianchi graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano in 1991,and has collaborated with a number of professional studios specializing in interiors, commercial space and renovation projects.

His early activity includes designs for Europe wide single brand chains in fashion and restaurant sector (Levis Store, Invicta, Uniform Store, McDonald's).

In 1994 he opened an indipendent studio in Milan. This studio concentrates both provate and commercial interior design, in Italy and abroad. From the outset the studio has given grat emphass to client needs and awareness, placing the client at the centre of design process. This is underpointed by costant research into new materials and adaptations of traditional resources. It has carried out high profile projects in Italy and abroad, focusing expecially in Sweden, Russia and Great Britain.

The many renovation and conversion projects featured in Italy's most important interior design publications have led the studio to handle a wide range of subjects, from city apartments, rural dwellings, urban lofts and fashion showrooms to office and commercial premises. The experience built up over the years guarantees clients total assistance in all phases of the project, and in collaboration with selected supplies enables the studio to provide a full key in hand service for every design need in Italy and the whole Europe.